BIG 20 Rewind Festival begins at PokerStars November 14 with $5.5m in ensured prize cash

Following 20 years in business, PokerStars is celebrating for sure! Beginning in only a couple of days is the Big 20 Rewind celebration, a unique competition series with $5.5 million in prize cash available to anyone! Players can contend in 23 occasions, each addressing a milestone occasion throughout the entire existence of the poker brand. This timetable is very novel, with occasions offering prize cash as well as unique prizes. 

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How It Began 

The Big 20 Rewind will start on November 14 and deal the 2001—Year of PokerStars occasion. The competition will have an up front investment of $11 and deal a $100,000 ensured prize pool. The champ brings in a money prize just as Main Event 온라인카지노 purchase ins to the SCOOP and the WCOOP. What's more, the primary spot finisher procures a bundle to the EPT and a PSPC Platinum Pass. 

The following occasion is 2002—Year of WCOOP. It likewise happens on November 14. The occasion has a bigger prize pool of $250,000 and remembers a purchase for of $1,050. Alongside prize cash, the victor of this occasion will get to bring home an excursion all throughout the planet. 

Assuming you are searching for the greatest 카지노사이트 payout, it's the occasion on November 23 that you need to participate in. The 2009—Year of the SCOOP: High Tier Freezeout offers an up front investment of $10,300 and incorporates an absolute prize pool of $750,000. The victor procures a major prize just as an extravagance watch as a component of the unique gift to the champ. 

A large portion of the web-based poker occasions offer up an exceptional prize on top of the dependable money. With so many 바카라사이트 extravagance things available for anyone and modestly low purchase ins, PokerStars makes certain to see a huge load of traffic during the Big 20 Rewind celebration. 

Full Schedule of Events 

2001—Year of PokerStars $100K ensure $11 purchase in 

2002—Year of WCOOP $250K ensure $1,050 purchase in 

2003—Year of Moneymaker $125K ensure $86 purchase in 

2004—Year of EPT $250K ensure $1,050 purchase in 

2005—Year of PCA $100K ensure $109 purchase in 

2006—Year of Sunday Million $1M ensure $215 

2007—Year of PokerStars EPT Live $20K ensure Freeroll 

2008—Year of the Turbo Takedown $100K ensure $30 

2009—Year of the SCOOP Low Tier $300K ensure $109 

2009—Year of the SCOOP Mid Tier $700K ensure $1,050 

2009—Year of the SCOOP High Tier $750K ensure $10,300 

2010—Year of the Big Game $250K ensure $55 

2011—Year of the Home Games $100K ensure $11 

2012—Year of Zoom $125K ensure $11 

2013—Year of the PKO $225K ensure $22 

2014—Year of the Spin and Go $100K ensure $10 

2015—Year of Sports and Casino $200K ensure $55 

2016—Year of the USA $200K ensure $200 

2017—Year of Twitch $100K ensure $11 

2018—Year of the Platinum Pass $50K ensure $5.50 

2019—Year of the PSPC $150K ensure $25 

2020—Year of the Arena $300K ensure $2,500